On 10th June, Iranian Business Company, known as the agent for the sale of Iranian animations in the international market, signed a cooperation agreement with Soul universe Company of Russia to strengthen the ties between Iran and Russia in the areas of sales, cooperation, joint production, and granting of representation.

This agreement, signed in the presence of senior executives from both companies, marks a significant milestone in the development of international cooperation between Iranian and Russian companies in the field of international animation production.

The CEO of Iranian Business Company, stated at the ceremony: “The signing of this agreement can be a new beginning for broader cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of cultural and artistic productions. We hope that through this cooperation, we can introduce high-quality Iranian animations to global markets and also benefit from the experience and expertise of Sol Company in this field.”

The agreement includes clauses regarding the sale of Iranian animations in the Russian market, joint production of new animations by both companies, and mutual representation in the respective countries. Specifically, Iranian Business Company will act as the representative of Soul universe Company in Iran, and Soul universe Company will act as the representative of Iranian Business Company in St. Petersburg. It is expected that this cooperation will soon lead to operational projects and joint productions that will strengthen the position of both countries in the global animation industry.

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