IBLand Film Association (IBLand) is an alliance of legal entities advocating for the interests of organizations within Iran’s animation film industry.

IBLand stands as the sole organization in Iran that brings together nearly all major animation studios in the nation, encompassing production and licensing firms, distributors, television channels, public entities, and educational establishments engaged in animation.

The primary aim of the association is to cultivate Iran’s animation film industry, draw both public and private investments, engage in legislative endeavors to foster industry growth, enhance professional training standards, facilitate studio infrastructure upgrades, and showcase domestic animation accomplishments both nationally and internationally.

Within IBLand:

Promotional campaigns elevate the profile of Iranian animation both domestically and globally.
Support programs are implemented to bolster the industry.
Research endeavors delve into various facets of the animation sector.
Collective showcases of Iranian animation are organized for domestic and international markets.
Events such as pitch sessions, panel discussions, and round tables on pertinent industry topics are hosted.