In a significant move to expand the reach of Iranian animation, the Iranian Business land Company (IBLAND) has initiated new negotiations to collaborate with film and animation platforms on satellite networks and YouTube, targeting the Russian and Indian markets. These discussions aim to showcase Iranian animations on a global scale, increasing their visibility and impact in international markets.

This initiative marks a crucial step towards bringing Iranian creative content to a wider audience, leveraging popular platforms that have vast viewerships in Russia and India. By tapping into these markets, IBLAND seeks to enhance the global presence of Iranian animations, making them accessible to millions of viewers worldwide.

As part of this strategy, IBLAND plans to meticulously analyze the viewership data and cultural preferences of these international audiences. The company intends to gain insights into the tastes and preferences of viewers in these diverse regions. This information will be shared with Iranian animation production teams, providing them with valuable feedback and helping them to tailor their content to better suit international audiences.

Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Attarzadeh, the official representative of IBLAND, stated, “These negotiations represent a major opportunity for Iranian animations to shine on the global stage. By understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of our international audience, we can create content that resonates more deeply with viewers around the world.”

The insights gained from analyzing audience reactions and preferences will be pivotal in shaping the future productions of Iranian animation studios. With a better understanding of the international market, these studios will be better equipped to produce content that appeals to global audiences, increasing their chances of success and profitability.

IBLAND’s initiative not only aims to promote Iranian animations but also to foster a more informed and prepared animation industry in Iran. By bridging the gap between local talent and international markets, IBLAND is positioning itself as a key player in the global animation industry.

As the negotiations progress, and as Iranian animations begin to feature on these prominent platforms, further updates will provide details on the outcomes and the evolving landscape of international collaborations. This strategic move is set to elevate the profile of Iranian animations and open new avenues for cultural exchange and economic growth.

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