Following their recent return from Russia, the Iranian Business land Company (IBLAND) is actively continuing its negotiations with both Russian and Chinese counterparts. After successfully signing a memorandum of understanding with a prominent Russian company, the legal conditions of the agreement’s clauses are currently under meticulous review, and discussions are ongoing to finalize the terms. These negotiations represent a significant step toward strengthening international collaboration in the animation industry. As each agreement is finalized, the logos of these new business partners will be prominently displayed on the IBLAND website, showcasing the expanding network of the company.

In addition to the international negotiations, there is a growing interest from domestic animation production teams in collaborating with IBLAND. Since returning from Russia, several well-known Iranian animation teams, including Motion Potion, GIF Studio, ABZU, JibiStudio, and others, have entered into negotiations with IBLAND. These discussions are aimed at establishing partnerships that will see these teams become suppliers of high-quality animation products for the international market.

The ongoing negotiations with these Iranian teams are a testament to IBLAND’s commitment to supporting and promoting local talent on a global stage. By working closely with these production teams, IBLAND aims to introduce the best of Iranian animation to the world, ensuring that these products gain the recognition they deserve and generate substantial revenue for their creators.

IBLAND’s strategy involves continuously seeking and monitoring successful teams in the animation field to identify the most promising projects and products. This proactive approach ensures that IBLAND remains at the forefront of the animation industry, both domestically and internationally. The company’s goal is to provide a platform for Iranian animation teams to showcase their work globally while creating profitable opportunities for all parties involved.

As the negotiations with Russian and Chinese partners progress, and as more domestic teams join forces with IBLAND, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the global animation market. Future updates will provide more details on these partnerships and the innovative projects that emerge from these collaborations.

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