The Iranian Business land Company (IBLAND) has announced its expansion beyond the realm of animation to include the production of promotional teasers, both real and animated. This strategic move aims to leverage the capabilities of domestic production companies to penetrate the international advertising market and create commercial advertisements for major corporations.

IBLAND is set to utilize its expertise and resources to produce high-quality promotional content, offering a diverse range of advertising solutions. This includes real-life commercial teasers, as well as animated advertising videos. The company is committed to harnessing the creative talents of Iranian production teams to deliver exceptional advertising content on a global scale.

To achieve this, IBLAND has initiated negotiations with several domestic teams, seeking to establish strong partnerships that will enable the company to meet the demands of the international advertising market. Once these negotiations are finalized, the logos of the participating production teams will be featured in the advertising teaser section on the IBLAND website, highlighting their involvement in this new venture.

Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Attarzadeh, the official representative of IBLAND, stated, “Our expansion into the advertising market is a natural progression of our efforts to showcase Iranian talent on the world stage. By collaborating with local production teams, we aim to create compelling commercial content that resonates with global audiences.”

This move is part of IBLAND’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings and capitalize on new market opportunities. By entering the advertising sector, IBLAND is poised to provide comprehensive solutions for companies seeking high-quality promotional content, further establishing its presence in the international market.

As negotiations progress and partnerships are solidified, IBLAND will continue to update its website, showcasing the production teams involved in creating these innovative advertising teasers. This new focus on the advertising market underscores IBLAND’s commitment to growth and its dedication to promoting Iranian creative industries on a global scale.

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