On 20th June, the Iranian business land company sponsored a significant event that focused on the achievements and progress of renowned animator Gints Zilbalodis. This event attracted the attention of more than 50 professionals from Iran’s animation industry, making it a notable gathering of the field’s experts and enthusiasts.

The event commenced with the screening of “Away,” one of Gints Zilbalodis’s most acclaimed works. This was followed by an in-depth discussion about the film, Zilbalodis’s career, and his developmental journey as an animator. The attendees engaged in lively discussions, sharing their insights on his work, the innovative techniques he employs, and the enthusiastic reception his animations have received worldwide.

Following a brief refreshment break, Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Attarzadeh, the official representative of Iranian business land company, delivered an informative speech. He discussed strategies for entering the international market and explored ways to collaborate with distribution and production companies. This session was followed by a Q&A segment with various production teams, which facilitated a transparent understanding of the global market landscape among the participants.

During the event, several producers expressed their interest in collaborating with the Iranian business land company. These expressions of interest have initiated a review process to explore potential models and conditions for collaboration, details of which will be addressed in future updates.

The event not only showcased the impressive progress of Gints Zilbalodis but also provided valuable insights and practical knowledge on international market entry. It fostered a deeper understanding of global animation industry dynamics among Iranian participants and opened new avenues for potential collaborations.

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