Moscow, Russia – In a significant step towards international collaboration in the animation industry, representatives from IBLAND and IDEA have arrived in Moscow to participate in the prestigious World Content Market (WCM).

According to Iran digital economy annotation, This event marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they seek to expand their networks and forge new partnerships within the global content market.

IBLAND and IDEA, renowned for their innovative and culturally rich animation content, are excited to explore the myriad opportunities that WCM offers. By attending this exhibition, they aim to showcase their exceptional products, engage with potential partners, and strengthen their presence on the global stage.

“We are thrilled to be here in Moscow for the World Content Market,” said Sadegh Attarzadeh, spokesperson for IBLand. “This event provides an invaluable platform for us to connect with industry leaders, explore new collaboration opportunities, and bring our unique content to a wider audience.”

The World Content Market is one of the largest international trade shows for content creators, distributors, and broadcasters. It attracts professionals from over 40 countries, making it an ideal venue for IBLAND and IDEA to present their latest projects and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of animation and content distribution.

Throughout the event, IBLAND and IDEA will be meeting with potential partners, showcasing their latest animation series, and participating in panel discussions about trends and innovations in the industry. Their goal is to build lasting relationships that will facilitate the sharing of creative ideas and resources across borders.

“IBLAND and IDEA’s participation in WCM is a testament to our commitment to fostering global collaboration and bringing diverse, high-quality content to audiences around the world,” added Sadegh Attarzaheh. “We look forward to the exciting opportunities and partnerships that will emerge from this event.”

As the world of animation continues to evolve, events like the World Content Market play a crucial role in shaping the industry’s future. IBLAND and IDEA are poised to make the most of this opportunity, ensuring that their creative visions reach new heights and audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates on IBLAND and IDEA’s journey at the World Content Market in Moscow.

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