Passenger from Ganora

The best animation award of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival (Tsiolkovsky ISFF) of Russia went to the animated film “Passenger from Ganora”,¬†produced by Sore Animation Center.

The animated film “Passenger from Ganora”, produced by Sourah Animation Center, directed by Ahmed Alamdar and produced by Mohammad Hossein Alamdar, won the title of the best animation of the 5th International Space Film Festival (Tsiolkovsky ISFF) in Russia.

This work was shown in the competitive section of the International Space Film Festival (Tsiolkovsky ISFF) in Russia, which is held every year in the city of Kaluga, and its awards have recently been announced.

In the International Space Film Festival (Tsiolkovsky ISFF), films and productions about space and its connection with science, art, and culture are exhibited in competitive, non-competitive, and retrospective screenings, and its purpose is to present new films about space and astronautics, to promote all fields Science and art are related to space and strengthening the tradition of international dialogue between scientists and filmmakers to solve global problems.

In addition to professional filmmakers, the jury of this festival includes astronauts and space industry scientists.

The animated movie “Passenger from Ganora” is the story of an alien who travels to Earth and tries to restore peace to their land with the help of a disabled boy and his friends.

International broadcasting of this animation is done by the Surah International Center.

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