"Historical Twist" at the Moscow International Film Festival

The short animation “Historical Twist” went to the 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

The short animation “Historical Twist” directed by Milad Mohammadi and produced by Hossein Haghigi, produced by the Soura Film Club, entered the competition section of the 46th International Film Festival in Moscow, Russia.

The Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the world’s oldest film associations (second only to the Venice Film Festival), which aims to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between nations and develop greater cooperation among filmmakers around the world.

The sponsor of this festival is the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. This year, the 46th Moscow International Film Festival will be held from April 19 to 29, 2024, corresponding to April 31 to May 10, in Moscow, Russia. “Historical Twist” had previously entered the “Cinequest” festival, which is one of the most important independent festivals in America and is eligible for an Oscar. International broadcasting of this animation is done by the Surah International Center.

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