Family 26 minutes Animated Special good for Christmas occasion
Narrative elements
Most people are familiar with the famous fable of Grasshopper and The Ants but this is a reverse approach to draw the audience to a deep challenge. The sweet atmosphere of bedtime stories with Christmas snow in the mysterious world is a gift for a narrative about a genius Musician journey.


Winter came. Problems multiplied. Cricket the violinist forced to ask lord Ant to help. They rejected his request. Ladybug reminded him; that he spends his art to get a rhythm to greedy Ants in harvesting season. He told him, care for yourself! Art is for others! Exactly like Cricket’s inner (Crickhoper) sound, who had endless challenges with him! So despite Ladybug’s Advice, Idealist Cricket traveled to the queen’s palace, hopeful of finding a civilized solution. Soldiers arrested him. Angry Quin who had a seriously ill daughter, ordered, to his death! As the last plea he played his violin, and music echoed across the castle, and cured the princess. Everything reversed, as far as they hired him as a royalty musician. He had a royal home with an unlimited supply of food. Exactly like Crickhoper’s request, their challenge restarted, deep, poetic, musical, and action. Finally, Cricket who couldn’t change Queen’s mind about rules against crickets left Crickhupper in the mirror of his luxury house in Castle.

Ladybug: after Cricket couldn’t turn a blind eye to the rights of his fellows. The spirits of his fellows accompany him like an orchestra such beauty and warmth that melts the ice…

Project’s Concepts (Tone and Technique)

Since this story is a retelling of the fable of the Grasshopper and the Ants, prompted us to get closer to the bedtime books’ tone and traditional illustrations. The classical 2D technique is the most suitable image style for this narrative.

Category and Time

The Christmas Atmosphere and the limited story were fit for a Special films category. In the storyboarding process, we achieved a time of about 26 minutes.

Producer’s Statement

Animation production offers a remarkable opportunity for diverse arts to converge in a dynamic collaboration, resulting in something greater than the sum of its parts. This is where the true magic of animation unfolds. With its potential to unify various artistic elements, this story holds great promise in animation. 2D animation not only preserves the artistic essence of illustrations but also offers a cost-effective solution.